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Our interdisciplinary team takes time to understand the needs of individuals we serve. A person with developmental disability has a vivid interest in a variety of activities, but he or she often needs support and assistance in order to take part in those activities. Support and assistance are the key components of our habilitative services.

Not only do we help individuals learn the common skills necessary to pursue their interests and aspirations, but we also provide them with the support mechanisms they need to thrive. One of our basic principles is to do this in a way that still leaves each person in control of his or her own life as much as possible. Our team considers an individual’s clinical needs when developing personalized habilitation services. This is essential to deliver necessary support and assistance without interfering with the person’s lifestyle.

Habilitation services are provided to individuals in different settings and are based on a person-centered approach and Individualized Service Plan (ISP). The ISP is a “prescription” for support and services that are developed by our interdisciplinary team. It is designed and developed after identifying the specific objectives the individual wants to pursue in life and the specific goals he or she wants to achieve along the way. The primary purpose of habilitation services is to help the individual attain personal goals as well as clinical needs as outlined in his or her ISP that leads to full and rewarding lives.

Services Include: