Interim Guidance Regarding the Reopening of Modest Day Hab. Services

Signage – applies to certified sites and other locations controlled by the provider

Program Manager will ensure:

1. State & OPWDD approved signs are posted at main entrance of facility that alert all visitors to the program.

2. Hand washing signs will be posted in all restrooms and areas where sinks are available.

3. Signs that involve wearing mask/ face covering will be posted at entrance of facility in all common areas and in classrooms.

4. Agency will post social distancing (6ft apart) signs throughout the program facility.

A. Entrance to Site Based Programs

1. Staff, participants, and all essential worker / visitors will be subject to a temperature check and answer questions on exposure and symptoms related to COVID-19 per DOH & OPWDD guidance.

2. Daily screening of all individuals, staff and visitors will be kept in a dedicated binder in compliance with OPWDD & NYS guidance and policy.

3. Program will facilitate immediate departure of any individual, staff or visitor who fails initial/pre-program screening or exhibiting signs/symptoms during service delivery. If there is any delay in departure of the symptomatic person, he or she will be separated from people not exhibiting symptoms until they depart.

4. The program will ensure full compliance to OPWDD and NYS DOH guidelines on participation and return to program/services if tested positive, exposure/possible exposure, signs and symptoms, quarantined or isolated by individuals, members of their household or certified residence.

5. Verbal and written instructions will be provided to any individual or staff sent home due to symptoms.

6. Human Resources will notify the local health authority about suspected cases with staff.

7. Quality Assurance officer will notify OPWDD about suspected cases involving program participants.

B. Social Distancing Requirements:

1. The program will ensure effective practices to facilitate social distancing by putting on the floor signage that denotes 6 feet social distancing

2. The program marked distance area space including the common space, waiting area, entry, exit and other areas of travel.

3. The program facility hallways will be splitted to have one-way directions to promote social distancing and signage will be posted on walls and floor to display the specific directions.

4. The program will assign staff to a small group of participants. Staff will also have staggered breaks to adhere to social distancing.

5. The program will ensure that participants are discouraged from moving from one class to another.

6. Programs will continue to offer Telehealth Services for those not scheduled each day in order to keep the number of people in the program site at a level allowing for social distancing.

D. Day Program Schedules and Activities:

The program will ensure NO social gathering, celebration in the program that would require mass gathering.

E. Personal Protective Equipment:

1. Agency will encourage individuals to wear their own mask/face covering from home. If participant/staff does not have a mask/face covering one will be provided to them immediately upon arrival.

2. Program will maintain adequate supply of PPE on site.

3. All staff have been trained on how to use the PPE provided appropriately, as well as, how to maintain all PPE.

4. A weekly inventory of all PPE will be maintained to insure an adequate supply of PPE is on hand for staff and individual use.

F. Hygiene and Cleaning

1. The program will adhere to all personal hygiene guidance of OPWDD and NYC DOH to reduce transmission of COVID-19. This will include cleaning and disinfection of environment, equipment, and supplies.

2. Program will maintain a cleaning log/schedule that all staff must adhere to, as well as keep a weekly inventory of cleaning supplies.

3. Hand sanitizers / signage are provided throughout the building for good hand hygiene and washing.

G. Transportation

1. The program will ensure all OPWDD guidelines are implemented for the transport of individuals to/from day services to reduce COID-19 transmission risk.

2. The agency will not be contracting transportation but will handled it using OPWDD guidelines.

3. Participants and their families will be responsible for their own transportation to and from program.

4. Transportation will be provided if necessary.

5. Vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected before and after every use.

6. One-way (Entrance & Exit) signs will be posted on vans.

7. Participants will be encouraged to wear face/mask coverings while in the van.

H. Tracing and Tracking

Program Manager will notify local health department immediately upon being informed of any positive COVID-19 test result by an individual. Quality Assurance officer will make contact to OPWDD. Human Resources will notify local health department of any positive COVID-19 test result of staff. Program will maintain a log of every person, including staff and essential visitors, who may have close contact with other individuals at the facility. Verbal and written instructions will be provided to any individual or staff sent home due to symptoms.


The Program Coordinator, Program Manager, and Program Asst. Supervisor will be designated as the site’s safety monitor whose responsibilities will include continuous compliance with all aspects of the site safety plan, make immediate corrections, and determine if re-training of staff needs to be implemented. They will also be responsible for making any corrections in a timely manner. Some of our rooms and recreation area were also expanded to accommodate social distancing.