Wednesday, 01 December 2010 00:00

Some of my favorite hobbies are bowling, video games and drawing. Although bowling is my favorite, I like to draw and play video games as well. I like bowling because it is a fun game to play. Bowling could be played in two ways;
First, it can be played on a team. Second, it can be played solo. But I like to play on a team. I like winning because I like to have a high score. I would like to be better in bowling. I like to play bowling with my big brother, Timmy. Sometimes I play against Timmy, sometimes I play on a team with him. The game that I like to play is RPG (Role playing games) because I like the way I tell the story. I like to play video games with my sister sometimes.

Sometimes I play the team with Stephanie, sometimes I play solo with my sister. I like to play facebook.com online games. I like to play Wii games with my sister because it’s more fun to play with someone. I like the video games because they make me feel relaxed and fun. I like to draw because I like the way it expresses my feeling. I like things that I can do such as: creating my own characters, preaching my own story, and making my own graphics on the computer. I like the drawing to make things look better. I like the way I draw; by looking at the picture and memorize how it looks.