Group Day Habilitation Program


MODEST group day habilitation program  provides both Group Day Habilitation and Group Day Habilitation without Walls Services. These programs provide supports and services to individuals with developmental disabilities that are necessary to motivate them to achieve a greater participation within their communities. The program activities are designed to inspire, assist and support each individual to have a meaningful role which includes the ability to care for one-self and increase productivity and competence. Individualized supports and services commensurate with the person’s strength, capacities, interests and desires that are consistent with each Individualized Service Plan. The program is offered five days a week, Monday through Friday 9:00am-1:30pm, and offers daily transportation service for all participating individuals.


Rose Demesmin-Geffrard

(718)-354-6873 – Cell

(718)-447-8200 EXT 2000 – Office