Communication at Work

Wednesday, 01 June 2011 00:00
Communication is an important part of society and humankind. Communication is letting you share your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, views, ideas, goals in life, your dreams, wishes and everything you want with people. When you are at work, you can’t share everything you want because you’re supposed to avoid certain topics during communication at work. There’s lots of stuff to avoid talking about when at work, you shouldn’t talk about how your colleagues are behaving at work. You can’t discuss how much time you spend on the facebook. You’re supposed to follow the golden rule of success at work: Behave yourself and do whatever your boss tells you to do first, do what you want to do second, write private (bad, negative) emotions and feelings about anything and everything inside your diary, to make yourself feel better. At work, you should talk about life like: music, travels, non –religious / politics books, about holidays, interesting facts from life, science, medicine, about nature.

Communication, when you have private time. On your free time when you are on the street you can talk and communicate with your friends about everything you want, even including the topics, which are not permitted at work like: religion, politics, life, religious/ politics books. Share private thoughts, emotions, feelings about work, boss, staff, director, how colleagues behave themselves; private religious/ political stories, political view, talk about any way to have fun, rest, activates, entertainment, whine and complain on rules of yours work and work itself; share life stories on the neutral territory like café, street, & library, etc. You are free to express yourself anyway you want, in any area you want in your unique special way. I like this way better.