Management Team

The Board provides overall oversight to ensure that the Agency’s goals and objectives are met and to ensure that resources are used properly and that programs are carried out as planned.

Board Of Directors

Modest Employees

All Modest employees are an integral part of the agency’s daily operations and are required to follow both the agency’s policies and procedures and OPWDD’s regulations as it relates to service provision and support for individuals with developmental disabilities.

In so doing, MODEST employees must absorb a lot of materials as it relates to the services we provide and the participants we serve, as well as participate in several in-services and all OPWDD mandated training.

The purpose of this intensive training is to enable our staff to analyze the likes and dislikes of the individuals they serve and recognize a teachable moment in which new things can be explored to

acquire new skills. Further, to ensure that the Agency’s operations policies and procedures are in compliance with local, State, and Federal statutes and regulations.

Executive Staff

Modest executive staff members are responsible for the selection and supervision of all of the agency’s employees, development, the recommendation to the Board of Directors, implementation of the budget, and the establishment of operating procedures.

Executive Staff Members