In order to adhere to the principles of good governance, MODEST has developed Policies and Procedures applicable to State and Federal Laws relating to the following guidelines and statements among others:


Modest’s Mission is to unite, promote and advocate for people with developmental disabilities. We believe that regardless of disabilities, each person has the potential for growth and personal development and each person is entitled to a meaningful life enabling him/her to pursue his/her goals. in light of this we believe that each person should have a continued circle of support to pursue his/her goals and future aspirations. Each person should live in as normal home environment as possible, in an atmosphere of uninterrupted enjoyment, warmth, understanding, and security which upholds the rights of each person and provides development opportunities on an individual and group basis. From time to time this reality-based programs might require review and refinement as each persons needs and goals change to reflect their current life circumstances.

Modest is committed to carry out this mission, fulfilling our legal duties and creating a culture of ethical behavior and integrity within our organization that promotes prevention, detection and resolution of conduct that does not conform to our agency’s principles. To accomplish this Modest has implemented a corporate compliance plan which addresses employment practices, operations and procedures, quality improvement, confidentiality (HIPPA) and proper documentation.

Modest Corporate Compliance Plan is designed to be in compliance with the relevant state and federal regulatory agencies as well as the federal and State Deficit Reduction Acts and the False Claims Act. Modest employees, volunteers, consultants, vendors, business associates and contractors are expected to conduct themselves with Modest Corporate Compliance Plan which includes a Code of Conduct.

Modest Corporate Compliance Plan will be shared with all employees at orientation/training and employees are required to report any suspected Medicaid fraud, theft, misuse of resources, waste or conflicts of interest with outside entities. All suspected incidents should be reported to Modest Corporate Compliance Officer at (718)-447-8200. Such reports can also be made anonymously to Modest’s Corporate Compliance Hotline: (718)-351-4322/(718)-351-4330